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Price $ 149,500 + GST


  • A standard unit will feature all the necessities such as: JOST landing legs, 3-way twist locks, 8mm high-tensile flooring, tie-down points (including Rabbit Ears or Chicken Feet), 8mm thick laser cut side coaming, road-train bracket, LED side markers, ABS/EBS equipped.
  • 2 x Heavy-Duty hydraulic winches on the bottom deck, and an 11,000LBS winch fitted to the upper deck as standard.Tilting angle of 8 degrees, and this unit can extend the bottom deck length by a further 3,500mm To accomodate 40Ft container on bottom deck.


LengthOverall Length: 45FT (13,720mm)
Extended length: 56FT (17,200mm)
Width Exterior: 2500mm
Height Bottom Deck: 999mm
Capacity (ATM) ATM: 45 Tonnes
Tare Weight: 14 Tonne


Side Coaming 8mm Thick Cold-Rolled sheet steel. Tensile Strength = 650mPa
Flooring 8mm Cold-Rolled flat sheet steel – High Tensile 650mPa. Under-Floor construction consists of heavy duty I-Beam cross-members, with 30 x 30 x 3mm under-floor runners for extra support. Sliding beams constructed from 8mm high tensile sheet – Hot rolled into C-Channel
Skid-Plate 12mm Thick Skid-Plate, with two position bolt-on king pin boss-plates fitted as standard.
Road-Train Bracket These units feature a Road-Train bracket.
Rear Tail-Gate Standard ADR construction: Standard rear bumper bar installed (constructed from 100 x 100 x 6mm RHS)


2 x lifting cylinders (100mm wide chrome centre)

1 x Sliding cylinder (125mm wide chrome centre, 6000mm stroke)

PTO Hydraulic setup, Unit features Italian made spool
valve, all hoses are R4 and R2 type, fittings are generally BSB thread.


Chassis Beams I-Beam Construction: 20mm thick Flange plates (350mPa), 8mm Webbing plate (450mPa) – Half the chassis webbing is double plated for heavy duty construction.

Landing Gear JOST A400 Landing Gear (JOST E100 Also used).

King-Pin JOST 50mm or 90mm available.