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Payment Plan FAQs

Well, there is no catch! We carry a large variety of trailers in stock (up to 100 units), and there is just no use looking at these trailers as they should be out working. So if you have the work, but are having trouble getting your own finance (or you’re simply tired of jumping through hoops trying to get finance), then our no interest rent to buy system sounds like it’s for you. It entails a small down payment, (to ensure you are a genuine long term customer) followed by weekly repayments, paid on the same day of every month via direct debit system, until the full amount owing is settled. You won’t be charged any interest, however, there will be a small weekly admin fee to be paid on the same date of each month.

Generally, a down payment of 10K is required for a standard Flat Top or Drop Deck trailer, and 15K for an extendable type trailer. Extras such as Airbag suspension or Ramps must be paid in full alongside the deposit before dispatch of the trailer- These figures are negotiable! Please call us today to enquire further.

We offer a 12month warranty on our trailers, however, all warranty work must be approved by Libertyfreighters Pty Ltd Warranty Department prior to any work being performed; failure to do so may result in the void of your warranty claim. It is also important to read and understand our Terms of Sale, which effectively outlines necessary responsibilities and obligations for both the buyer and the seller. CLICK HERE to download a copy of our sale agreement.

You will be entering into a legal agreement to purchase the unit so you must ensure your income will be sufficient to cover the monthly payments for the entire term of the agreement. In the unlikely event you terminate the agreement for your own reasons or we terminate the agreement through not adhering to the terms agreed upon then the whole period you had the trailer in your possession will be treated as a standard rental hire and thus will be charged $900 per week plus GST for the whole period you had the trailer and until the trailer is returned to us plus the cost of returning the trailer will be your responsibility.

Repayments are $600.00 per week with no added interest charged. The agreed amount is required monthly unless specified, and in advance, in a direct debit system with the total amount owing to be paid within a 24month time frame. $600.00 per week works out at $2,600.00 per month. An administration fee of $39.00 per week ($169.00 per month) will be charged per account per trailer. Full ownership of the trailer will be transferred to you upon receiving the final payment. If these payment options are not suitable to your needs we can still offer you a rent to buy arrangement through reputable finance companies who can offer you a plan over a 3-5 year time frame. Please call us today to enquire further.

To begin with, we have a limit of one trailer per customer, however, based on your track record, we are happy to build a working relationship with you and increase the number of trailers in your fleet via our rent to buy scheme. This is looked at on a customer to customer basis, in fact, some of our clients have their whole fleet operating under this system.

Our full range of trailers is available on our rent to buy scheme. However, the down payment varies from trailer to trailer.
The trailers we have in stock include;

-Flat Tops
-Drop Decks
-Low Loaders

Our new line of Drop Deck Tilt N Slide Trailers now available on Rent-to-Buy!!!

We are prepared to manufacture a customised trailer suited to your needs, however the deposit required and the weekly payment amounts will vary to some degree. Please call us today to enquire further.