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Price from $39,500 (+GST) on springs


  • Spring uderslung Suspension (K-Hitch)
  • K- Hitch 20 inch axles (Parallel Bearings)
  • Heavy Duty Ramps (2720mm long)
  • Plenty of Tie down Points
  • Electric Power Pack
  • Spare Wheel Cradle (1 X Spare supplied)
  • Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Anderson Plug + Large 12 Volt Battery
  • Twin Landing legs (JOST Brand)
  • Full LED Lights
  • Rear Stabilizer Legs
  • Pin to Hook Hitch (Multi-position bolt options)
  • Steel Rims (10 Stud)
  • Toolboxes
  • Tie Rail


Length Overall Length 34 FT (10,500mm)
Width Exterior: 2500mm
Height Deck Height: 3000mm
Capacity (ATM): 45 Tonnes
Capacity (GTM): 25 Tonnes
Tare Weight 9.7 Tonnes


Side Walls walls 4mm, floor and door 6mm.
Flooring and Door 8mm thick high tensile grade cold pressed sheet steel
Skid-Plate 12mm Thick Skid-Plate, with two position bolt-on king pin boss-plates fitted as standard.
Road-Train Bracket 20mm thick folded C-Channel. With extra support gussets.
Rear Tail-Gate Standard ADR construction: Industrial C-250 channel – with multiple supports welded. Standrad rear bumper bar installed . Includes two “Dozer Push Brackets” at very rear to assist recovery.


  • Chassis Beams I-Beam Construction: 20mm thick Flange plates (350mPa), 6mm Webbing plate (450mPa) – Half the chassis webbing is double plated for heavy duty construction.
  • Landing GearJOST A400 Landing Gear (JOST E100 Also used).
  • King-Pin JOST 50mm or 90mm available.