Tilt N Slide

Introducing our new line of Tilt N Slide Trailers! These heavy duty trailers suit people looking to haul near anything, from your simple car towing and trading, to your heavier machinery for drilling, farming contractors and mining sites. 

These attractive trailers are 45FT in length, and the deck has an amazing tipping angle of 8 degress! These units are self sufficient with a diesel power pack and spool valve so you can hook up to any truck and operate. If you prefer to have the hydraulics run from the prime mover, let us know and we can arrange that.
If you prefer remote control operation, Great! Just specify your brand of choice and we can fit it.

The standard features of these trailers are as follows:

*Deck Tilt's hydraulically to an 8 degree angle
*2x 17,000lbs winches (this is vertical lifting power, elevated horizontal dragging power is 20,000lbs)
*15" axles (Tri-Axle)
*Airbag suspension (Spring Available)
*Low profile 235/75R17.5 tyres- INCLUDING SPARE
*3-Way container pins
*2 Position king pin
*Petrol power pack
*LED Lighting
*40 Tonne rating
*12 Tonne TARE
*Deck Height 950mm

Prices starting from $119K Inclusive for our Tilt N Slide Trailers.

Our Tilt N Slide Drop Deck Trailers are now available on our 

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