heavy duty trailers built tough!
Built using only high quality, oz sourced running gear
In-House Finance & interest free Rent-To-Buy available
aluminium water tankers now available
team of qualified and commited work men
Brand new Super Tilt model now available!!
Various widening and extendable models available!
Full warranty nation wide
huge range of trailers in stock

we specialize in mining trailers
Customizable to suit your transport needs
Welded to perfection, every time

Welcome to Liberty Freightmore!

We are an Australian born company, with our head quaters based in Lonsdale, South Australia. We specialise in imported semi-trailers of all types including Quad & Tri Axle Low Loaders, Flat Decks & Drop Decks, Tippers & Tankers, Widening & Extendable decks, and, of course, Tandem, Tri-Axle and Low Loader Dollys.

We batch build our semi-trailers in large volume, enabling us to always carry the stock you need while remaining very competive on pricing.

The semi-trailers we build are second none for strength and reliability, comprising only of high quality componants, sourced locally, to suit the demanding Australian market. With an established reaseach and development plan we are confident in the quality and efficiency of our Trailers. We consistantly have one of our engineers overlooking the manufacturing process and we believe in and strive for continual product improvement, we are constantly analyzing our designs to ensure our trailers are the leading front man in innovative trailer design.

The benefits of owning a Liberty trailer are substancial, from the first point of contact through to sales, continual after sales support and beyond- making all of our customers Liberty customers for life. You will be proud to call yourself the owner of a Liberty Freightmore Trailer.

We offer a variety of package deals for our semi-trailers including our NO INTEREST RENT-TO-BUY scheme. 
Please contact us for more information on these. 

Got some spare time? We operate an "open door" policy, whereby you can come down to our yard at any time to view our trailers currently in completion and view our full stock of trailers available.